You're Getting Shampoo In My Eyes!!!

While bathing your child, have you ever heard these shrieking words: You’re getting shampoo in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always feels like such a personal attack as we, The Parents, are the ones taking the time to diligently bathe our children. But yes things happen and sometimes shampoo gets in eyes.  But have you ever thought (through the screams) how much does this actually hurt?

Well I decided to put this to the test (even although my wife thinks i am crazy).  It’s seriously had been a while since I had soap in my eyes and I needed to get to the bottom of this. You can call it investigative journalism. So I lathered up a bunch of our kids shampoo and I let my eyes have it.  And you know does sting.  It is annoying. And somehow I found myself yelling at myself: you’re getting shampoo in my eye!!! 

So maybe this can help be a gentle reminder that it actually does hurt to get soap in your eyes!  There are different solutions out there like umbrella bathing Hats to help prevent getting soap and water in our child’s eyes.   

And hopefully that leads to more more happy bubbles over sad bubbles!