We Got a First Timer Here!

I still remember the first time I gave our  daughter, Jolene, a bath. My first thought was, are we really putting our baby in the sink? Maybe we are not fit to be parents.

But with a lot of parenting firsts, someone told us that this is a great way to do things...ok sure!  From a ”Dad” perspective I have never been really around babies before, nonetheless giving one a bath. So the idea now that I am responsible to make sure my kid is as clean as a whistle and I don’t hurt them during the bathing process, was very nerve-wrecking.  Almost like when my wife takes me to a store that has a lot of expensive things on the shelves. Sweat beads from my brow instantly. I’m a big guy and have definitely have ‘Bull in a China shop’ moments. So there was definitely the same feeling of, don’t break my child and probably a timidness during our first initial bath times.

Now with two kids, ages three and five, I’ve come a long way. Yet, I am still the king of getting water in their eyes while getting the shampoo out of their hair. Soon as I reach for the bucket, both kids start screaming know and asking for Mommy. I guess we all have our faults. But I’ve learned to appreciate these moments as it’s not a chore or something we have to do but a time where we all get to be together.

Those first few times bathing your child I think it’s something you will probably not remember (take videos) in the short term because we all know what lack of sleep does to the memory. But as I reflect back, it really sets the tone for the next few years ahead. You are responsible for this little one through and through. That includes feeding, changing, caring, loving and obviously bathing your little one.

So don’t be afraid those first few times and get on in there. And hopefully you can make the bathing process a fun and memorable one that you will eventually appreciate upon once sleep is restored in your family!