Hear Us Roar!

There are a few moments where life really changes.  But the one that really sticks out the most is the moment you become a Mother or Father. Everything you 'were,' almost changes instantly as now you are now responsible for something you will never love more than anything in your life. Being a parent to your little one. 
Being a Mama Bear...Having Dad Strength...These traits are not earned. They are given to you by that little one that you hold in your arms, think about constantly and cherish moments with like you’ve never had before. And they give you an inner peace like you have never felt before. 
Now just as that  harmonious feeling can set in: crying, dirty diaper, spilled milk, getting sick, sleepless nights...can easily take you quickly out of serenity. But all those moments are times where strength is building in you as a parent and sharpening your instincts, making you appear 10 feet tall. 
So reflect on the moments where life truly changes and the experiences that build onto who you are today.  We are Mom. We are Dad. HEAR US ROAR!!!